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Who are we?

We are a Software Development & Digital Marketing company based out of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. We believe in simplicity and any innovation that enables digital transformation makes us happy.

Our aim is to remove any technical barriers that our users may face while operating varying industry-driven products.

We revolve around high quality, relevant and proactive products tailored to both existing and new market segments. We're obsessively passionate about the Windows, Mac, Android & iOS platforms.

We have been making dramatic improvements to our major products and recently expanded our focus towards the development of new genres and ideas.

As one of the best utility providers in the country, we intend to offer standard of excellence through unmatched user experience.

Our Latest Offerings

Together, let’s take a step into the future! Welcome to the arena of technology trends in the making.

Rise In Love
iOS App

Rise In Love

An addictive, lightweight and insanely playful hyper-casual game of love. Join the trio - Dave, Daisy and Jetpack Boy in the epic battleground as they fight for love. Move your finger across the screen to avoid obstacles amidst multiple nerve-wracking challenges, some grueling physics and angelic boosters (to save the day). Be extra cautious as you use your nimbleness to rise up in the gameplay.

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Upcoming Projects

We are lining up highly innovative, addictive hyper-casual games and software products for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users… Coming out very soon!!!

Coming soon Innovana Games

Innovana Games

There's a plethora of games releasing this year. Host of highly anticipated games that you should be keeping an eye out for.

Coming soon Android Apps

Android Apps

A massive evolution in the Android app market is about to happen. We will reveal our exclusive list of upcoming apps for Android soon.

Coming soon Windows Desktop Apps

Windows Desktop Apps

The best is yet to unveil. Stay tuned for apps you'll love on your Windows Desktop. Right now, they are being tested for quality.

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